nique piece of history at service

nique piece of history at service

Image Credit: Dave Mast

Many Hiland High School National Honor Society Veterans Day assemblies have come and gone, but it is fairly certain none have ever had a welcoming piece of the likes of this year’s event.

On Thursday, Nov. 11 at the Perry Reese, Jr. Community Center at Hiland High School, the Hiland High and Middle School student body was in attendance to celebrate with the veterans who were there for the 2021 Hiland High School Veterans Day Assembly, and Hiland NHS member Kendrick Wilson helped set the mood.

Wilson, a junior, provided some visual concepts to the Veterans Day proceeding by bringing in a large amount of war relics and one unique item: an old canon that was perched outside the entrance to the Reese Center.

The canon was something that kind of fell into his lap, and it is a rare piece of memorabilia for a teenager to own.

“I basically found it on the side of the road,” Wilson said. “Some guy was moving, and he wanted to get rid of this canon, and I said, ‘I’m your guy. I’m interested.’ I am a big military collector and was excited to bring this home and add to my collection.”

Wilson said the canon still needs some work done to it, but he relishes the opportunity to return it to its former glory. For the event it stood proudly outside of the Reese Center with an American flag draped over it.

Wilson said he has always had a passion for history, having several family members who served in the military, something that piqued his interest in service and history.

He said he and his friend Reno Yoder put the canon on a trailer to haul to the high school. Numerous students commented on both the canon and the interesting memorabilia inside, and many of the veterans in attendance also commented on how these relics helped bring back memories of their time serving their country.

“It’s a pretty neat piece of memorabilia, and it is unusual for a young person to have that kind of zeal for history and especially for those who served their country,” said Alexander Looney, Hiland NHS advisor.

Whether the canon is ever fired off again or not, it certainly has found a home with Wilson.