Santa’s got a brand-new sled?

Santa’s got a brand-new sled?

There’s Christmas spirit, and then there’s Christmas spirit Jeep style.

With a little help from his friends and an Amazon purchase, West Holmes sophomore Kyle Maltarich put some Yule Tide pizzazz on his Jeep, decking it out with LED Christmas lights.

When nighttime rolls around, his ride will draw plenty of looks as he twinkles through town and luminates lanes along the highways and byways of Holmes County.

Maltarich and his buddies, Sam Sprang and Nate Fair, dedicated time to putting on the light sets.

“It’s pretty cool,” Maltarich said of his glowing ride. “A lot of people drive by and honk their horns, or in town a lot of people will wave and shout. I think it brings a lot of Christmas spirit.”

Maltarich has a remote in his vehicle that he can switch to whatever mode he wants to feature on any given night. The colors can vary with 16 different options. He can make them blink or even go to the West Holmes Knights red, blue and white look. He said he hopes it catches on and others deck their cars with lights for the holiday season.

“It would be pretty sweet to see a bunch of cars driving around with lights,” he said. “I think that would definitely bring the Christmas spirit to a new level.”

While Santa Claus may ride in style with his eight talented flying reindeer, nine if you want to count Rudolph, he’s got competition for Christmas vehicle bragging rights with Maltarich’s newly decorated rolling Christmas tree.