at Medicare meeting

at Medicare meeting

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Medicare can be a confusing and difficult trek as individuals try to figure out if they qualify, how they qualify and what plans are best suited to meet their needs.

On Friday, Dec. 3 from 4:30-6:30 p.m. in the Darby Snyder Senior Center, there will be an informal educational marketing meeting discussing Medicare options for 2022. All are welcome to attend this event that will feature Marc Carr, a Medicare advisor who represents all major Medicare carriers.

Carr said the event is designed to help people who already have Medicare and may have questions or are seeking ways to find less expensive options, as well as those who are interested in learning more about Medicare and everything it offers.

“I know there is a lot of confusion out there about Medicare, so what I hope to present is a kind of Medicare 101 discussion that will help people better understand the basics of Medicare,” Carr said.

Much of Carr’s presentation will focus on the new Medicare benefits coming out in 2022. He said different carriers have an array of unique benefits for free, if people know how to find which carrier is offering benefits that suit their specific needs.

Carr said he will give a short presentation before turning to a time of Q-and-A because he knows helping people understand their current situation and solve questions they have is critical.

He said the Part C of the Medicare system is new and changing, and many people are interested in that aspect of the system. Others new to the game may just hope to learn the basics of how Medicare works.

“There’s a lot of options and a lot of paperwork families have to get through, so I realize there are many unanswered questions,” Carr said. “I also know there are a lot of free benefits available to people if they know how and where to look.”

He said exploring all the pros and cons of Medicare is different for each individual, so finding the perfect fit takes work but is worth it.

A Medicare agent for 10 years, Carr said topics like supplements, advantage plans and tiny details that can slip through the cracks can make all the difference in an individual’s Medicare plan, so the hope is that this meeting time will give people guidance and directions while allaying some of their fears about whether or not they are on the right path.

“There are opportunities out there to find better rates,” Carr said. “I hope anyone who has questions takes the time to stop by.”

Carr said anyone with questions should write them down so they are ready to ask them when the opportunity arises.

The Darb Snyder Holmes County Senior Center is located on Glen Drive in Millersburg, across the road from Rodhe’s IGA.