Downtown’s McClure Building sold by CIC

Downtown’s McClure Building sold by CIC

Image Credit: Dan Starcher

The Wayne County Community Improvement Corporation recently announced the acceptance of a bid from East Liberty Street Ltd. to acquire the property at 115 Market St. (rear), also known as the McClure Building, in downtown Wooster.

In conjunction with the Quinby Building, the property will be used by East Liberty Street to support the E&H Hardware Group’s plan to utilize the buildings for retail space and corporate offices under the Ace Hardware brand.

“The Buehler family has always played a major role in Wayne County, and we support and appreciate E&H Hardware’s continued commitment,” Wayne County commissioner Sue Smail said. “This is an exciting new venture for everyone.”

In addition to retaining 35 jobs, E&H will create 20 new full-time positions.

“This sale supports the ongoing growth and vibrancy of our downtown, and we are confident E&H Hardware’s plans for the space will be a great addition to Wooster and Wayne County,” said Justin Starlin, president of the board of trustees for the Wayne County CIC.

The Wayne County Community Improvement Corporation was established in 1963 to advance, encourage and promote the industrial, economic, commercial and civic development of Wayne County and the included communities. A board of trustees governs the Wayne County CIC.