Lawrence Township considering portable radar

Lawrence Township considering portable radar

Image Credit: Lori Feeney

In response to concerns voiced by multiple residents regarding vehicles speeding on township roads, Lawrence Township is considering the purchase of a mobile radar speed trailer. The unit could be moved around to roads where drivers have been exceeding the speed limit. Flashing lights and a digital speed display would notify drivers of their speed when approaching the sign.

Trustee Matt Ritterbeck said based on what he has seen in Zoar, the speed notification signs do tend to slow down drivers. He is looking into the feasibility of the township buying a mobile unit, which he said would cost around $9,000-$10,000. Ritterbeck will get several quotes for trustees to review.

Trustee Don Ackerman, who chaired the meeting in chairman Mike Haueter’s absence, asked residents to park their cars in driveways or other areas off of township roads. “With winter coming, we need to keep the roads and cul de sacs clear so the snow plows can get through whenever there is snow and ice,” he said.

Ackerman reported receiving a letter from a resident inquiring about paving and other work on Welton Road. The resident, Stan Wallace, voiced concern about the road not being wide enough for all the joggers and walkers to safely use it.

Ackerman also said he and Haueter will be sworn in at the Dec. 30 meeting following their re-election on Nov. 2.

Road supervisor Chuck McNutt said he has been working with Tusky Valley superintendent Mark Murphy to identify school bus turn-around areas needing work. McNutt said two areas have been repaired with one still needing to be fixed. That area is on private property, which means permission must be granted before repairs can be made.

McNutt said dead branches have been removed from a number of trees on Bardell Road, which wraps up the tree trimming for the year. He also announced preliminary plans for asphalt work next year, which would include Hunter’s Green and Lafont Circle, with Arrowhead Road and Jeanne Anne Lane being included if funds allow. Paving at Fort Laurens Cemetery also will take place in 2022.

McNutt said the township has received one application for the part-time snow plow driver’s position, and two other names were furnished by Ackerman. He also said the township compost bin will remain open for at least one more month. Township residents can deposit grass clippings, leaves and light brush less than 4 feet in length. Hours of operation are dawn to dusk, seven days a week.

Fiscal officer Ann Ackerman reported having a new agreement signed by both Bolivar and Zoar mayors for the distribution of fire levy funds directly to the Bolivar Fire Department.

Martina Mann presented several options and costs for replacing the park bench, which was damaged at the Lawrence Township Riverfront Community Park. She recommended purchasing a bench that comes with replacement parts, as parts were not available for the previous bench.

Olde Hilltop development

Developer Mike Durbin emailed a copy of a letter he sent to the residents of the new subdivision off Olde Orchard Road. In it, he addressed ongoing issues between construction crews and residents of Olde Orchard Road.

Durbin said he was waiting until all the utilities were put in, and most of the heavy construction trucks will no longer be traveling in and out. Durbin said the week of Dec. 13, he will relevel the dedicated private drive and add another layer of stone, which he said should take care of the majority of the mud problems. He also asked homeowners in the new development to continue to keep a layer of stone on their driveways.

Trustees voted to do the following:

—Participate in the county asphalt program in 2022.

—Pass a resolution for temporary appropriations in the amount of $200,000 for 2022.

—Purchase a replacement bench for the park at a cost of $2,105.

The next meeting will be Thursday, Dec. 30 at 7 p.m. at the Charles E. Lundenberger Hall, 10867 Industrial Parkway NW, Bolivar.