onstruction causing trouble for nearby residents

onstruction causing trouble for nearby residents

Image Credit: Lori Feeney

A resident of Olde Orchard Drive addressed the Lawrence Township Board of Trustees at its Nov. 11 meeting, saying construction at the Olde Hilltop development has caused problems for him and his neighbors.

At the Oct. 28 trustees meeting, it was reported a resident was hampering the ability of the construction crew to access the jobsite by parking vehicles directly across from the dedicated private drive.

Gavin Thompson of Olde Orchard Road said he is that resident. “Now I’m going to tell you why,” he said. “I’ve had heavy trucks going in and out of my yard. I’ve repaired my yard five times. When I parked the car on the road, that solved the problem.”

Thompson said parking his vehicles on the road prevented trucks from driving through his yard.

Chuck McNutt, the township road supervisor, said he had seen the crews unloading materials in the road because the trucks cannot navigate the turn onto the new development’s dedicated private drive. “They need to widen their entrance,” McNutt said. “It’s been a mess, no doubt.”

Thompson also said crews are leaving thick mud on the roadway, trucks are driving over the speed limit and the development’s retention pond held water for several months this year, contributing to the mosquito infestation. The problems are affecting not only Thompson, but also his neighbors.

After much discussion Thompson agreed to park his cars in his driveway, rather than on the road, if the township will put up cones to keep the construction crew from driving through his yard. McNutt agreed to put up cones. Trustee Matt Ritterbeck said the township will talk with the developer to try to come up with an amicable resolution.

Cherry Hill sewer feasibility study

Zoar Mayor Scott Gordon said the village received seven comments from homeowners on Cherry Hill regarding whether residents would like to move forward with possibly connecting to county sewer lines. According to Gordon, most people were not interested. Since there seems no reason to move forward, the township and the Village of Zoar will send residents letters advising them that the matter will not be pursued any further.

Resignation accepted

Trustees accepted the resignation of George Downes from the zoning commission and voted to name current alternate Sally Storad into Downes’ position. Trustees are looking for volunteers to serve on the zoning commission. Interested parties should call the township office at 330-874-2731. Office hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Road supervisor report

In addition to reporting all crack sealing completed for this year, McNutt said he is looking into options for either repairing or replacing the spouting on the township hall. McNutt advised trustees they will need to budget funds for 2022 to crack seal or pave the roads at Fort Laurens Cemetery.

Actions taken

The board agreed to do the following:

—Name Don Ackerman as delegate to the Health Department Advisory Council for 2022.

—Move the next meeting to Wednesday, Nov. 24 at 7 p.m. due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

—Pay conference expenses for those attending the Ohio Township Association winter conference in Columbus.

—Allow up to $5,000 for additional tree trimming along roads.

In other matters

Don Ackerman thanked all who took care of cleaning up litter along the Riverfront Community Park walking trail and the Towpath Trail. “I’d like to commend Carol Rex and all of the others who keep the trails clean,” he said.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, Nov. 24 at 7 p.m. at the Charles E. Lundenberger Hall, 10867 Industrial Parkway NW, Bolivar.