Post-election recount, audit done by Board of

Post-election recount, audit done by Board of

The Wayne County Board of Elections recently conducted an automatic recount for the Village of Doylestown Charter Commission contest, which appeared on the Nov. 2 general election ballot. The final position on the commission resulted in a tie between Anthony Martin and Jeff Soltis.

At a public meeting held Nov. 22, Martin was determined the winner by lot, as required by the Ohio Revised Code, prior to the certification of official election results. An automatic recount was ordered by the board and took place Dec. 1-2. The recount results showed a 100% accuracy rate in the contest.

In addition, a post-election audit was performed Dec. 6-7 to ensure overall accuracy of the general election results. Precincts for the audit were randomly selected, and a total of 5% of the votes in three contested races were audited, showing 100% accuracy in the results.

“We are pleased with the results of both the recount and the post-election audit, confirming our dedication to the voters of Wayne County to facilitate fair and accurate elections,” said Julie Leathers Stahl, Wayne County Board of Elections director.

The recount and post-election audit involved bipartisan teams of election officials who examined and hand-tallied both paper ballots and the Voter Verified Audit Trail produced by voting machines at both the early vote center and at polling locations throughout the county.